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Zhangqiu: "Small chopping block" forging private big industry
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Text / "Outlook" Newsweek reporters Hou Yanfeng and Wang Zhi Qianrong
    Zhangqiu City , known as China's " village blacksmith " in the world , casting industry has a long history , as early as the Tang Dynasty, iron, iron has the highest national ranking , Yuan Dynasty developed into the famous " village blacksmith ." That year, Zhangqiu blacksmith with "Northeast " army will iron, iron technology spread to the three northeastern provinces , to build heavy industrial base of the Northeast contributed . " A red furnace conquer the world " , was a blacksmith Zhangqiu "Northeast " a true portrayal .
    However , from the beginning of the 1990s , the development of this industry is caught in the crossfire.
    " Forging industry as a traditional pillar industry Zhangqiu , past characterized by ' small and miscellaneous ', many companies developed from a small family workshop , production management is extensive , several blacksmiths, two furnaces on the competent blacksmith ." Chapter Hill City energy Conservation Office Liuxue Gang told "Outlook" Newsweek , until 2005 , when the city had a maximum Casting more than 1,000 enterprises , but the annual sales income of few tens of millions of yuan . Due to low barriers to entry , vicious competition among enterprises , lack of innovation , affecting the healthy development of the whole industry .
    To change this situation , the traditional casting and forging industry bigger and stronger , Zhangqiu City in recent years through policy guidance and industry support , and promote the transformation and upgrading of private enterprise Casting , development and growth of new industries , some niche products accounted for the domestic market share half , Fu Zhuang stocked Xintiandi development of private enterprises .
    Upgrading of traditional industries upgrade
    Located in Cape Town, Zhangqiu Heavy Forging Co., Ltd. , who is only " one stove a hammer ," the blacksmith small workshops, was first established in 1992, can only produce more axes, hammers and other simple tools. After 20 years of development, now this small workshop has grown into an annual 35,000 tons of forgings , modern enterprise assets billion , not only for China National Heavy Duty Truck , XCMG and other large enterprises , the products are also exported to Europe and America .
    " Forging industry is now a growing tendency to specialization , the need to be willing to scale , achieve economies of scale on the technical equipment in order . Who upgrade early, who can win a share in the fierce competition ." Company chairman told reporters Cui Jiangling , private capital bottleneck restricting the development of a major obstacle , before 2008 they basically get loans , but now companies from more than 100 million yuan of bank loans .
    "Promotion of traditional industries , especially SMEs, improving quality upgrades , support and guide the government is the key." Interview, Zhangqiu party secretary Jiang Lin spoke , to create " Chinese foundry town " Zhangqiu be in terms of policy, and funding tilt support, greatly enhance the level of technical equipment of casting enterprises , adjust and optimize the product structure, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the casting industry.
    To this end, Zhangqiu City, has issued a " support the development of SMEs opinions" and a series of policy " Opinions on Accelerating the transformation of enterprise restructuring Casting Industry " , increase the casting and forging industry and taxation policy support. City Finance to come up with an annual 10 million yuan of special funds as the development of SMEs , support for technological innovation of SMEs , interest payments on loans , guarantees subsidies , service system .
    Casting companies to support the introduction of key technologies , the use of advanced technology to improve production processes , Zhangqiu to adopt more measures to achieve sales revenue increased by 30% , profits increased by more than 30% of the casting and forging companies , local part of the new taxes 20% return of the enterprises for independent innovation and technological innovation ; encourage financial institutions to a variety of financial products tailored to SMEs , specifically for each additional year of financial institutions lending to SMEs , either over the previous year's growth rate of less than 30 %.
    Government support for SMEs "blood transfusion " to accelerate the private self "blood " feature. 2009 , Zhangqiu Heavy Forging Company on government land , credit and other policy support, invested billions of dollars to update equipment and new plant , finishing Casting restructuring and development . Burning stoves to natural gas furnaces, smelting a ton of steel reduces fuel costs only $ 200. The second annual output value of enterprises reached 180 million yuan , nearly doubled last year, sales revenue reached 250 million yuan .
    Black smoke billowing cupola , blacksmith not absolutely deafening sound , sulfur dioxide, dust, noise and other pollution Casting business " everywhere" generated , but also to Zhangqiu energy conservation, environmental protection is not a small pressure. To reduce resource and energy consumption , Zhangqiu implement Casting industry access system , priority support the use of advanced technology and the use of energy-saving technologies for enterprise development with energy electricity, natural gas and other clean energy sources , " there is devotion " to eliminate part of the process behind business.
    Currently, Zhangqiu casting enterprises have passed ISO9000 certification , or are applying for more than 70 companies , including heavy truck casting, casting HSBC and other leading enterprises through the ISO14000 certification. Past dirty and messy plant environment , and now a lot of changes in clean and orderly, bright and spacious modern production lines.
    Restructuring and development of new industries
    For a long time , Zhangqiu Heavy Forging Company production of automotive engine and chassis castings, automobile exhaust pipe , motorcycle engine casing , blower housing , railway accessories, cookware , cast materials and other products . How to break the shackles of the traditional product structure , restructuring and development of new industries to become a historic choice Zhangqiu Casting enterprises.
    From a few meters in diameter to the largest wind power flanges up to 8 meters in diameter bearing outer ring , Shandong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. ELITE products have won the world wind power giant Vestas of Denmark , Spain, Gamesa , GE, Siemens and other well-known supplier of wind power product certification , products are exported to Europe, America , Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia more than 20 countries and regions , the annual output of 20 million tons in 2011 with annual sales of 560 million yuan .
    " Following the market , customers turn around " in the fierce market competition, private enterprise Zhangqiu exhibit sensitive market sense of smell. In recent years, the rapid development of the wind power market at home and abroad , but the industry began to overcapacity situation, and offshore wind power generation because of the advantages of direct Internet access , known as wind power development of the " second wave ."
    Zhangqiu Economic and Information Secretary Xinggui introduced to support traditional casting and forging business development of new materials, new energy, new industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing , casting and forging business transformation Zhangqiu for emerging industries to implement policies to encourage the construction project , for investment of 20 million yuan or more items , one-time investment of one percent of the grant award , the maximum does not exceed 100 million, and the priority given to project approval , filing and land use planning and other support.
    Deputy General Manager of Shandong ELITE Heavy Chen Yuxing , said the company saw the market prospects of offshore wind power equipment , the time within eight months , with the fastest speed production technology requires a higher offshore wind power flange , not only the technology upgrades, but also involved in the development of national standards of wind power , became a leader in the domestic wind power industry . Enterprise also positive downstream development , production emerging field of large bearings , nuclear power accessories, quickly landing in emerging markets.
    In the crowded fierce competition in the market , only to seize the high ground , companies can withstand wind and rain, to maintain vitality . Accelerate product and technology development, is a growing private Zhangqiu another " magic ."
    HSBC Casting Co. Shandong , Shandong University was founded in 2005 and casting practice teaching base , 2008 and approved by the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department established the " ductile iron casting provincial engineering technology research center ." Rely on independent innovation , enterprise successfully developed the " Goodwill " brand of high performance ductile iron casting reel , wind turbine housings and other products , won the national patent , the national new product and fill the gaps , the domestic market share of 70% above .
    Private prop up one day
    "Both state-owned enterprises or private enterprises , can not entirely depend on the healthy development of the 'national ' or ' China ' identity, but also depends on the development of ideas , management of internal factors such as enterprise ." Chen Yuxing said.
    Casting by Zhangqiu support private enterprises to upgrade , so many private enterprises to embark on the road of healthy development , a number of private enterprises from small to large , from weak to strong , strong momentum of development of private enterprises has become upgrade Zhangqiu Casting industrial competitiveness force.
    Today, Jinan Quan Corporation leading products casting resin, curing agent , coatings and filters production capacity , technical level and market share ranks first in Asia , and successfully entered the world's top five manufacturers of casting auxiliary materials ranks ; Jinan Dragon Limited production Steyr exhaust pipe exhaust pipe and the exhaust pipe Caterpillar , respectively, accounted for 40% share of the total domestic market demand and become Jiangbei largest heavy truck exhaust pipe production base ......
    As of the end of 2011 , Zhangqiu Casting company has grown to 724 , castings and forgings production capacity of 1.1 million tons , sales income of 12.5 billion yuan , profits of 1.3 billion yuan . Among them, there are 104 above-scale enterprises , accounting for a quarter of the city's above -scale enterprises ; annual sales income of more than 80 billion yuan over the formation of a number of prominent main business , growth is good , competitive leader backbone enterprises.
    In the rapid development of private enterprises propped up Zhangqiu casting and forging industry, " half the sky ." Currently, Zhangqiu Private Casting Enterprises has grown to hundreds , accounted for 65% of the city's total annual production of foundry business . At the same time , industry professionals , sophisticated, special advantages fade , the product structure from the past to the production of low-end products , steering the production of precision machinery parts and other high -tech products.
    Development and growth of private enterprises also directly contributing to job growth. Currently, casting and forging industry professionals Zhangqiu reached 20,000 people, out of water and concentrated in the Economic Development Zone , ocher Hill Industrial Park , East Park, as well as private rather Jiabu , Yongsan, Mateo town , and other towns and Xiuhui street , forming a " cluster " development trend, the initial formation of a number of distinctive characteristics of casting and forging industrial park.
    Casting the development of private enterprise growth, accelerated Zhangqiu from " industrial county " to " industrial county ," the magnificent transfiguration . Jiang Lin said the next one to two years , will be spared Zhangqiu article in fostering the development of industrial clusters , and guide private enterprises cluster development , expand the scale and enhance the capability of independent innovation and other aspects , bigger and stronger real economy. □
Source: "Outlook " Newsweek editor: Xinhua
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